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Celebration of World Festival of Ivan Cankar at UCL SSEES in London

On Thursday 6th of December 2018 we celebrated the World Festival of Ivan Cankar with the lecture by Mateja Pezdirc Bartol titled “Reactionaryism is fine, progressivism is fine, but best of all is roast chicken! - Innovation and social reality in the plays of Ivan Cankar'.

Mateja Pezdirc Bartol is an associate professor of Slovene literature in the Department of Slovene Studies at the University of Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts, where she lectures in the history of Slovene drama and theatre, and the theory of drama and youth literature.

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This lecture, taking place at the UCL SSEES, was part of the World Festival of Ivan Cankar, organised within the programme Slovene at Foreign Universities and held at more than sixty universities around the world between December 3rd and 7th. Students at foreign universities have been translating excerpts of Cankar's works that have recently been published in the Anthology of Ivan Cankar’s literature. Students of Slovene evening classes at SSEES UCL that have been working on this project read some of their translations during the lecture.

This event, also attended by Ambassador Rupel who addressed the guests, was hosted by UCL SSEES and made possible by the support of the Centre for Slovene as a second and foreign language at the University of Ljubljana. Slovene wine for the reception that followed was provided by the Embassy.