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Exhibition Colours of sLOVEnia by Robert Jarh

To celebrate International Women's Day the accomplished landscape photographer Robert Jarh is exhibiting his work at the exhibition titled Colours of sLOVEnia at the Embassy of Slovenia in London.

In the exhibited series of photographs, he captured nine Slovenian towns and villages where some of the most notable Slovenian women, recognized for their achievements, lived and worked.

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Exhibited series of photographs will portray places where the following Slovenian women were born, have lived and worked:

Pavlina Pajk (1854-1901) – Solkan – a first lady of Slovenian 19th century feminist storytelling and poetry whose life motto was "love – think – work".

Pia Mlakar (1910-2000) – Ljubljana – a ballerina and choreographer who together with her husband Pino personified ballet in Slovenia and redefined Slovenian dance for younger generations.

Aleksandra Kornhauser Frazer (1926 - ) – Škofja Loka – an internationally established and recognized chemist and a notable contributor to the improvement of higher education in Slovenia.

Josipina Urbančič Turnograjska (1833 – 1854) – Preddvor – one of the first 19th century Slovene female writers, poets, and composers with remarkable literary opus.

Ita Rina (1907 – 1979) – Divača – an internationally acclaimed actress, beauty queen and one of the most famous European movie stars in the 1930s who declined offers from Hollywood three times.

Ivana Kobilica (1861 – 1926) – Ljubljana – most prominent Slovene female painter and a key figure of Slovene cultural identity.

Zofka Kveder (1878 – 1926) – Ljubljana – a prominent Slovene woman writer, and a committed activist for women's rights.

Alma Karlin (1889 – 1950) - Celje – a world traveller, writer, poet and collector who spoke several languages and was awarded by the Society of Arts in London for her achievements.

Ljuba Prenner (1906 – 1977) – Prevalje – a progressive, free-thinking Slovenian lawyer and well-known author of the first Slovenian crime novel.


The exhibition will be on display until end of April. Viewing by prior appointment only.